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Welcome to the Municipality of Badian, Cebu

Welcome to the Municipality of Badian, we would like to offer you a starting point to explore the town and surrounding sights, and let us introduce you to some of the resorts and accommodation available here in Badian.

Badian Map

Badian’s development

As often is the case in areas of great beauty around the world, Badian is now in the early development stage for nice tourist accommodations and resorts. It already has the attractions and at this stage so many of the land owners are putting their lands up for sale. There are some fantastic beach front and sea view locations available with great potential for the coming years.

Some facts about Badian

Geography and Climate

The Municipality of Badian is located 97.6 km’s. southwest of Cebu City in the Central Visayas (Region VII). The Mayor is the Government of Badian which has a total land area of 107 square kilometers and is bounded by the Municipality of Moalboal on the North; Municipality of Alegria on the South; Dalaguete and Argao on the East; and on the West by TaƱon Strait. Generally, the topography of the area is mountainous and hilly. The climate belongs to the third type in the Philippines where dry seasons comes on the months of February to September and the heaviest rains come on the month of October...

A bit of History

Why is the island named Badian?

This southern town got its name from a plant called, "badyang", which was once abundant in the area. However, the Spaniards found it difficult to pronounce the name so eventually the "g" was dropped and the "y" was changed to "i" and the town came to be known as Badian, a generally mountainous and hilly area where locals and tourists go around in jeepneys and tricycles.

Badian was separated as a parish from Barili in 1825 under the advocacy of Santiago de Apostle. Its church is unique compared to the others in the island province with its squat and unusual porticoes facade with four quadrilateral columns supporting a triangular pediment. Simple floral bas relief’s decorate these and four jar shaped finials are found at each corner.

The original belfry, now built at its side, used to sit atop the pediment but was taken down in 1990 upon the advice of NHI to ease pressure on the two free columns. The church still has its original and beautiful wooden retablo...


Badian Island


Land for Sale at Vista Grande- 391 Sq.m

PHP 5,450,000

LOCATION: Vista Grande, Cebu

Agent Josephine
Mobile: +63 (0)93 6408 6417

Beach front paradise land for sale

Beach front land

Ferolino beach named after the owner is now up for sale. The beach front is probably the best white sand spot along lambug beach and boasts stunning views over the Tanton Strait... more >>

Land for sale on the beach

Beach front Land For Sale

Situated on the beach front by the western boundary this 1352 sq.m lot also reaches the Cebu International Golf Course on the East side. From the beach front views... more >>

Sea view land for sale

Sea View Land For Sale

This 6423 Sq.M lot is Ideally situated with a high vantage point overlooking the sea and Ferolino beach. On a clear day the mountains of Negros across the sea can be seen...more >>

Land for sale near the golf course

 Land For Sale

This oddly positioned piece of land sits right on the neighboring Cebu International Golf Course. The Barangay road runs right through the lot. On one side of the road the boundary More >>


A brief introduction to Badian’s attractions

Welcome to the Municipality of Badian we would like to offer you a starting point to explore the town and surrounding sights. Just to briefly mention some of the more popular attractions:

There is the magnificent Kawasan Falls near by where the three-layered waterfall is one of the popular tourist destinations in the province of Cebu. The town also houses one of Cebu's unique hotels, the Badian Island Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is beautifully located at Zaragosa Badian Island. At Badian Island you can find a white sandy private beach and from there snorkeling and diving activities can be arranged. A short boat ride away is Pescador Island which offers fantastic corals and marine life for divers, and then there is the Badian mountain range and the popular trekking destination of Osmena peak. Another tourist destination of Badian is the Cebu International Golf and Resort located in Barangay Lambug. it’s the only 18 hole par 72 course golf course located in the area. About a five minute ride from the golf course are the beautifully manicured gardens of Terra manna beach and camping resort where they have their own organic vegetable garden. If you just want to relax on the beach and enjoy a sunset then there is Lambug Beach a ten minute ride from town, or just a minute from town how about a bit of crab hunting on the Mangroves. About 10km away is the neighboring municipal of Moalboal which also boasts its own attractions...more >>

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Adventure

Be part of the Kawasan Falls Canyoneering experience with excitement and thrills it’s a
once in a lifetime adventure!...more >

  • Kawasan Falls
  • Kawasan Falls Adventure

Resorts and accommodation in Badian, Cebu, Philippines

There are only a limited number of accommodations in Badian right now but there are more under development. Near by Moalboal has more accommodation to offer but there are a few great locations here in Badian that should not be missed. If you are a resort owner or have some accommodation to offer please contact us for a free listing here...more >>

Badian Island Resort

Badian Island resort has its own private beach and spa. Diving to the nearby Pescador Island can be... More Info >>

  • Badian Island Resort
  • Badian Island Resort

Cebu International Golf Course

18 hole golf course and resort with swimming pools and ocean views. Cottages for rent... More Info >>

  • Swimming pool at Golf Course
  • Cebu International Golf Course

Food and eating, Badian Market place

As with most towns in the Philippines, Badian local market place is where it all happens. Traders cluster together to sell everything from second hand clothing, kitchen ware, home made furniture, electronics, bad quality DVD’s, live stock feeders, and other general supplies.

The biggest trade going on in the market is food, whether raw supplies or cooked up creations you will find it all here in the hustle and bustle.

For cooked food to eat right away or take out there are a number of stores and restaurants selling typical Philippino style dishes all on display at the front of the store for diners to examine and make their choices...


Further information and resources

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