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Badian’s tourist attractions

There is the magnificent Kawasan Falls near by where the three-layered waterfall is one of the popular tourist destinations in the province of Cebu. The town also houses one of Cebu’s unique hotels, the Badian Island Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is beautifully located at Zaragosa Badian Island. At Badian Island you can find a white sandy private beach and from there snorkeling and diving activities can be arranged. A short boat ride away is Pescador Island which offers fantastic corals and marine life for divers, and then there is the Badian mountain range and the popular trekking destination of Osmena peak. Another tourist destination of Badian is the Cebu International Golf and Resort located in Barangay Lambug. it’s the only 18 hole par 72 course golf course located in the town. About a five minute ride from the golf course are the beautifully manicured gardens of Terra manna beach and camping resort where they have their own organic vegetable garden. If you just want to relax on the beach and enjoy a sunset then there is Lambug Beach a ten minute ride from town, or just a minute from town how about a bit of crab hunting on the Mangroves. About 10km away is the neighboring municipal of Moalboal which also boasts its own attractions.

Badian Island

Badian IslandAt Present there is only one resort on the island (The Badian Island Resort) which has been there since the 80’s. There are a few foreign owned houses on the other side of the island and many of the locals are trying to sell their land. The Island has an electricity and water supply and there is a proposed road to circumnavigate the island, although it only takes about an hour or so to walk all the way round.

Badian Island Resort

Badian Island Resort

Are you a fan of scuba diving or snorkeling? Badian Dive Center located at the beachfront of Badian Island Resort and Spa offer diving courses for beginners and other specialty courses. They operate all year round and are equipped with high standard equipments. Badian Dive Center offers 14 dive spots including the famous and one of the primary dive spot in the Philippines, The Pescador Island... more >>

Land for Sale on Badian Island

Badian Island Land For Sale

As Badian is now under development with new resorts underway, now is the time to snap up the land. Badian Island resort is currently the only tourist accommodation on this small Island and now there is an opportunity...more >>

Pescador Island

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is every diver’s dream, with its easy access from the shore and wide range of dive sites from shallow to deep dives. It is also a fantastic place to go snorkeling. The waters’ visibility here is usually very clear and you can enjoy the beautiful corals that are abundant in the area. It has a plateau that surrounds the island. On the northeast side of the reef plateau one can find several large rocks and coral heads that majestically reach the surface. The reef plateau slopes down to around 8–10 meters where it then drops vertically into the abyss. It is a wall dive with overhangs and small caverns and holes in the reef wall where one can enter and exit. Colorful acropora and stony hard corals are seen on the upper plateau... Read More >>

Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak

Technically Osmena peak is already inside the municipality of Badian, but it is often considered to be part of Mantalongon, Dalaguete because it is more accessible via Mantalongon. (see map)

The peak is approximately 1,000 meters above sea level making it the highest peak in the island of Cebu.

Osmena peak is part of the Mantalungon mountain range, which is unique from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills grouped together that overlook and stretch as far as the Badian shorelines. The highest of these hills is the Osmeña Peak named in honor of the famous Osmeña clan in Cebu.

The visual appearance of the Mantalungon range is almost similar in form to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol but the peaks of the ranges are thinner, sharper-pointed and rocky. Unlike the Chocolate Hills, the peaks of the Mantalungon ranges cluster quite near each other and give the impression of being formed from rocks that have survived through time....Read More >>

Cebu International Golf Course

Cebu International Golf Course

The course sits about a five minute ride away from the national highway and extends an area of about 8 hectares right down to lambug beach. The main attraction is the golf course which an 18 hole par 72 course with very well maintained greens and beautifully manicured grasses and of course golf carts are there for rent.

Located 97 km from Cebu City the course spans and area of 8 hectares of open space. Its excellent atmosphere and beautiful surrounding provide guests with breathtaking views. Holiday vacationers and newly Weds will find the resort relaxing in its own surrounding the room brisk stroll to the beach. Special Holidays Packages are designed to fit your budget for all occasion, Golfers and Non Golfers, Group Tours, Wedding Couples, Families or individual travelers who wants to explore the various amenities, 18 holes Golf Course...Read More >>

Land for sale near the golf course

 Land For Sale

This oddly positioned piece of land sits right on the neighboring Cebu International Golf Course. The Barangay road runs right through the lot. On one side of the road the boundary More >>

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

The most popular destination from Badian is the Kawasan Falls, if you are staying right in Kawasan Falls please inform the resort the possible time of your arrival so they can send personnel to meet you at the arrival point. If you are taking a bus please inform the bus helper or the bus driver that you are going to Kawasan Falls, they know the place. Kawasan Falls is a 15 to 30 minutes walk from the national road. Note: As with all tourist attractions there will be pests offering a guide service which is totally not needed and they just irritate you anyway then ask for cash.

Kawasan Falls is a must see attraction while you’re in town, it’s a three-layered waterfall system located at Barangay Matutinao. The water is fresh and crystal clear. The magical landscape of Kawasan Falls is very cool and refreshing, an ideal paradise to anyone who loves and want to get intimate with nature. Enjoy the cold swim in the fresh, crystal clear spring water of Kawasan Falls... more >>


Moalboal Diving

The municipality of Moalboal is a 4th class municipality lies in Southwest coast of the Province of Cebu, Philippines. Moalboal has been spotted, identified and is a famed tourist destination for both local and foreign nationals. It has a laudable coastlines, beautiful and real white sandy beaches. A magnificent underwater paradise - one of the best scuba dive capitals of the world.

Moalboal is approximately eighty-nine (89) road kilometers from Cebu City. It is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Alcantara, the Municipality of Badian in the South, west by Tañon Strait and the Municipality of Argao in the East. It can be reached by bus or car in 2 ½ hours more or less from Cebu City. Anyone can enjoy the warm, pristine waters, and the fine white sand. It is popularly known as the "Diving Paradise of Cebu" due to its white sandy beaches, beautiful corals and different underwater creatures especially... Read More >>

The Mangroves


Just behind Poblician on the shore overlooking Badian Island you can find the mangroves growing out of the sea water. At low tide it is said to be possible to walk the shallow waters to the Island. You can walk around the shallow ankle deep waters at dusk and capture some great sunset shots

At dusk just as the sun is going down the crabs and crab hunters gather on the shallow waters. Home made spears from... Read More >>

Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach

A walk on a sunny beach is also an ideal thing to do when you are in the town. Lambug Beach is the best place to hang-out and watch the sunset, the place is open to public. Few small tents for rent are available in the area for your shelter. You can also bring some of your outdoor equips and enjoy the place at no extra cost. The place is situated at Barangay Lambug, a walk away from Cebu International Golf and Resort. Enjoy a day of snorkeling and lazing at the beach. Read More >>

Beach front paradise land for sale

Beach front land

Ferolino beach named after the owner is now up for sale. The beach front is probably the best white sand spot along lambug beach and boasts stunning views over the Tanton Strait... more >>

Land for sale on the beach

Beach front Land For Sale

Situated on the beach front by the western boundary this 1352 sq.m lot also reaches the Cebu International Golf Course on the East side. From the beach front views... more >>

Sea view land for sale

Sea View Land For Sale

This 6423 Sq.M lot is Ideally situated with a high vantage point overlooking the sea and Ferolino beach. On a clear day the mountains of Negros across the sea can be seen...more >>

Terra manna beach and camping resort

Terra manna resort

Terra Manna features nature as its centerpiece. Less structure and generous space treat you to a breathless view of the four-hectare resort cum nature garden in 360 degrees. Westward overlooks the sleepy Tañon Strait. Eastward offers a refreshing view of Badian’s blue-ridge heights. The tropical year-round weather lavishes every camper to enjoy every moment of their stay at Terra Manna – from snorkeling to trekking, to painting, to stargazing, or simply, to find a place to be alone and meditate. Read More >>