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Philippino food

Badian Market place, food and eating

As with most towns in the Philippines, Badian local market place is where it all happens. Traders cluster together to sell everything from second hand clothing, kitchen ware, home made furniture, electronics, bad quality DVD’s, live stock feeders, and other general supplies.

The biggest trade going on in the market is food, whether raw supplies or cooked up creations you will find it all here in the hustle and bustle.

For cooked food to eat right away or take out there are a number of stores and restaurants selling typical Philippino style dishes all on display at the front of the store for diners to examine and make their choices.

The dishes range from chicken, pork, fish, stewed vegetables or combinations sometimes with boiled eggs. There are usually a choice of deep fried crispy chicken, pork chops, fish and spring rolls. Various soup creations packed with meat and vegetables are always on offer. For the non fussy you can usually find a few innards and intestinal creations and there’s a boiled cows blood and ginger thing the Philippinas love to eat called Dinoguan. For the really brave how about trying some Balot, its a half developed duck foetus still in the egg which is boiled and served. Its not always available at these stores and more commonly is sold by someone peddling a box full around on a bicycle.

One thing to be aware of is that its best to order the dishes that have just been cooked otherwise they will be served cold, which isn't such a bad thing given the hot weather but still cold stew has less of an appeal.

Hygiene is usually of reasonable standard at these restaurants and they will usually of free or very cheap purified drinking water.

Roasted chicken at "Chooks to Go"

Roasted Chicken

Cooks to go is exactly that. Oven roasted seasoned whole chickens for 160 pesos. The store is part of a chain which can also be found in other parts of Cebu around Badian.


Sweet cakes and bread

Bakeries are common all over the Philippines and there are plenty to choose from in Badian. For those with a sweet tooth they serve a good selection of fresh breads and cakes and are very cheap.

Meat market

Meat market

For home cooking the local market sells meat by the kilo. Usually it costs 160 pesos for a kilo of chicken or 150 pesos for a kilo of pork. Processed hot dogs can also be bought in packs. Beef is more rare but does turn up from time to time.

Noodles, Tsumai and deep fried stuff

Deep fried food

Just opposite the Badian market this cafe style shop has a few set choices of foods on the menu. Noodle soup with meatballs or crispy seasoned fried chicken with rice and gravy for 35 pesos. Spring rolls with spicy sauce and chinese style pork dumpings in spicy sauce (Tsumai) are some of what’s on offer.

Hotdog's and Hamburgers

Hotdog's and Hamburgers

Modeled on a western style mobile burger trailer this fast food vendor near the market has on offer what you would expect from such a store. Hamburgers, cheese burgers, hotdog’s, bacon egg sandwiches. they also offer "Buy one Get on Free" on most of these.

Fish market

Fish market

A variety of different types of fish can be found at the Badian market usually around 140 per kilo. You can also buy shrimp and crabs.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are in abundance particularly bananas and mangos which are some of what grows locally. Coconuts are available at a very low cost or they drop from the palm trees everywhere. Though be careful the locals can be quit territorial about who's coconuts are who's.