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Cebu International Golf Course

Cebu International Golf Course and Resort

The course sits about a five minute ride away from the national highway and extends an area of about 8 hectares right down to lambug beach. The main attraction is the golf course which an 18 hole par 72 course with very well maintained greens and beautifully manicured grasses and of course golf carts are there for rent.

Located 97 km from Cebu City the course spans and area of 8 hectares of open space. Its excellent atmosphere and beautiful surrounding provide guests with breathtaking views. Holiday vacationers and newly Weds will find the resort relaxing in its own surrounding the room brisk stroll to the beach. Special Holidays Packages are designed to fit your budget for all occasion, Golfers and Non Golfers, Group Tours, Wedding Couples, Families or individual travellers who wants to explore the various amenities, 18 holes Golf Course, Diving Shop, Island Hopping. The resort offers many diving areas for divers who wish to explore the undersea world. However, the special package design will fit your budget comfortably. The resorts offers 3 Meals a day menu caters a wide varieties of Korean and Philippine foods, for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The resort

Cebu International Golf Resort

The resort offers a beautiful view of the sea. It has also access to the beach area where the sight of rock formation and the relaxing ocean breeze serve as a place to relax after a days golfing.It has two medium sized swimming pools. Pool rate is Php100 for kids and Php200 for adults.

Lambug,Badian, Cebu, PH
Tel:(63) (32) 345-3339

Accommodation and Food

Cebu International Golf Resort

Cebu International Golf and Resort offers room accommodation and villas for those who want to stay for a night or for a period of time. you could occupy their "King Suite Room" with more than enough space. It has one room, a king and queen bed with two bathrooms, a living and kitchen area. Extra beds can also provided upon request.

They have a restaurant and you can also bring some food and request them to cook it for you but with a service charge of course. Grilling areas are also available.

Land for sale near the golf course

Badian Island Land For Sale

This oddly positioned piece of land sits right on the neighboring Cebu International Golf Course. The Barangay road runs right through the lot. On one side of the road the boundary almost reaches one of the putting greens and has the road right of way that the golf course uses, and on the other side of the road the boundary reaches one of the teeing off platforms and overlooks part of the golf course. The lot is only a few minutes walk away to Lambug beach and a short ride to the highway more >>