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Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Adventure

Be part of the Kawasan Falls Canyoneering experience where you have all the excitements, thrills and once in a lifetime adventure! Leave all your stress and just enjoy the chilling waters and breathtaking sceneries of nature.


1-4 People - P 1,800 per head
5 People or more - P 1,500 per head

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Badian and the Matutinao river

Not too far from Badian runs the Matutinao river deep within the lush jungles wet canyons that were gradually carved by rivers eons ago, canyons that hide dark secrets and wonders and a great adrenaline rush.

Exploration, traveling, and traversing canyons involve an extreme sport called canyoneering. In canyoneering, participants use various techniques which include other outdoor activities such as hiking, scrambling, swimming, climbing and jumping. In many cases, ropework, technical skills and specialized gear is required to successfully traverse a canyon.

Up the Matutinao river

Up the river

Fun at the Kawasan falls

Fun at the falls

A bit of abseiling down the canyon

A bit of abseiling

Climbing down the canyon

Climbing down