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Lambug Beach

Excursion to Lambug Beach

A walk on a sunny beach is also an ideal thing to do when you are in the town. Lambug Beach is the best place to hang-out and watch the sunset, the place is open to public. Few small tents for rent are available in the area for your shelter.

You can also bring some of your outdoor equips and enjoy the place at no extra cost. The place is situated at Barangay Lambug, a walk away from Cebu International Golf and Resort. Enjoy a day of snorkeling and lazing at the beach.


Lambug Beach accommodation

There a small number of accommodations to choose from along the beach as well as shaded day cottages for rent

Land for Sale along Lambug Beach

Beach front paradise land for sale

Ferolino Beach

Ferolino beach named after the owner is now up for sale. The beach front is probably the best white sand spot along lambug beach and boasts stunning views over the Tanton Strait... more >>

Land for sale on the beach

Lambug Beach

Situated on the beach front by the western boundary this 1352 sq.m lot also reaches the Cebu International Golf Course on the East side. From the beach front views... more >>

Sea view land for sale

Sea view land for sale

This 6423 Sq.m lot is Ideally situated with a high vantage point overlooking the sea and Ferolino beach. On a clear day the mountains of Negros across the sea can be seen...more >>