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Pescador Island

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is every diver’s dream, with its easy access from the shore and wide range of dive sites from shallow to deep dives. It is also a fantastic place to go snorkeling. The waters’ visibility here is usually very clear and you can enjoy the beautiful corals that are abundant in the area. It has a plateau that surrounds the island. On the northeast side of the reef plateau one can find several large rocks and coral heads that majestically reach the surface. The reef plateau slopes down to around 8–10 meters where it then drops vertically into the abyss. It is a wall dive with overhangs and small caverns and holes in the reef wall where one can enter and exit. Colorful acropora and stony hard corals are seen on the upper plateau.

Going deeper, you can discover magnificent soft corals. You would commonly find stonefish and white frogfish on the reef wall. The reef is teeming with life and you can enjoy swimming with turtles, frogfish, pilot fish, nudibranchs and many species of reef fish. There are also lionfish, snappers, groupers, scorpion fish and sweetlips you can find at every depth. On deeper dives, whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks are not uncommon. There are also tiger sharks and thresher sharks that appear less frequently. Black coral, sponges and sea fans will also amuse you. The southwest side of the plateau is quite similar in topography. There you can also find pink and blue soft corals.

Indeed, the whole island is a diving adventure with a lot to discover for yourself. Enjoy a dynamic and interesting dive at Pescador Island, where every dive is an underwater surprise.

Getting there

Pescador Island Diving

Moalboal is 10 kilometers North of Badian and can be reached multi cab. Panagsama Beach is 3 km from the center. Pescador Island is a 10-minute 3-km boat ride from Panagsama Beach. It is possible to arrange a boat from Badian but there are more options from Moalboal, unless of course you arrange your dive from the Badian Island Resort where they will supply everything you need.

Beach front accommodation

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is a famous marine park which belongs to the municipal of Moalboal. It is a small island very close to Moalboal situated at the west coast of Cebu. The waters are extremely deep (600 m in Tañon Strait), clear (up to 35-40 m visibility), cool in temperature (27-29°C) and rich in bio diversity